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NanoCuvette™ S

NanoCuvette™ S

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Incl. Online Training*, Support** & SpectroWorks™ software license.


Particle/Cell size and concentration analysis with existing UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

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Achieve fast, easy, and reliable particle size analysis by upgrading an existing spectrophotometer with NanoCuvette ™ S and SpectroWorks™ software for affordable particle and cell size analysis.

All major UV/Visible spectrophotometer brands supported seamlessly out of the box

Excellent for biological cell concentrations, particle sizes, turbidity, and impurity quality control of a wide range of samples

The NanoCuvette™ S is a cuvette that can be used for measuring both scattering and absorbance using a spectrophotometer. It reliably measures particle concentrations and sizes in a standard spectrophotometer without expensive instruments and uses the SpectroWorks™ software to automatically analyse the results.

Combined surface refractive index range 1.0 to 1.6 nD and absorbance at 230 to 1100 nm

Less sample needed for analysis (50 / 200 µl sample volume)

Easy and fast measurement of size and concentration

Direct label-free size and concentration detection from 10 nm / 10 µm (limit of detection is below 0,003% particle concentration determination)

Based on semi-disposable PMMA cuvette, and reusable for low cost measurements

Results independent of cleaning, pipetting errors and transcription mistakes

Each cuvette is marked for traceability and access to online calibration data

Replace expensive equipment with just the spectrophotometer

Includes all basic cuvette features

Reusable up to 50 times. Reusability depends on sample, cleaning and spectrum fit quality in SpectroWorks™, please see documentation.

  • Package dimensions: 54x54x65 mm (single), 115x95x62 mm (box of 10)
  • Cuvette dimensions: 12x12x45 mm
  • Optical Path length (for absorbance): 2 mm


The boxcode on the package grants license to use the cloud-based SpectroWorks™ UV-Vis software at

Documentation & Supported Instruments

For user-manuals, application notes, specifications etc, please see NanoCuvette™ S - UV-Vis Knowledge Base

For supported instruments, please see "Which UV-Vis spectrophotometers are supported with NanoCuvette™ S?" in the UV-Vis Knowledge Base.


Training & Support

*For online training, please fill out Online Training Request Form.
**For support, please fill out Online support form for NanoCuvette™ S.