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Copenhagen Nanosystems

Basic Spectro-photometer Bundle

Basic Spectro-photometer Bundle

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Power adapter

For Absorbance, Refractive Index and Microvolume measurements.

Optimize your laboratory's analytical capabilities with our comprehensive bundle designed for precision in absorbance, refractive index, and microvolume measurements. This all-inclusive package ensures you're equipped with the cutting-edge tools necessary for a wide range of scientific applications.

Bundle includes:

  • 1x Ocean Insight RedTide USB-650 UV-vis diode-array spectrophotometer.
  • 1x SpectroShell™ Stylish White.
  • 1x SpectroLink™.
  • 5x packs of NanoCuvette™ One 8.5 mm (50 cuvettes).
  • Unlimited SpectroWorks™ access.
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